Colourful VQR calligraphy

Sent by Richard (France)

Very special cover. Look closer at the cowstamp:

And the sender included an interesting article from the newspaper!


Sent by Heleen (the Netherlands)

She sent this box unopened (Heleen's style, I mean) to attract my attention to how many languages they use in the side-side. Why they use these and not those languages in the different countries remains a mystery for me. In this box bought in the Netherlands you can read all these words for portionsportionen, portions, porties, portioner, porsjoner, porzioni, μεριδεσ and puntjes.

See also the different faces of VQR: eye-opened, eye-closed, blinking... 

VQR truck & old VQR

Sent by John (the UK)

Collage made by John. He added in the back the picture of the old boxes. The cow was slightly different, the portions were just 6 in each box (so bigger!) and what I love is specially the slogan: Bel et Bon (='Beautiful and good', but Bel is also the name of the brand).

Ah, and don't forget to look at these cowstamps!

Cowbirhtday postcard

Sent by Heleen (the Netherlands)

Illustration by Leendert Jan Vis, 2010.

Happily all these cows couldn't attend my birthday party. Don't misunderstand my happily: It's just that I didn't have grass enough for them...

Postcard back + cowstamp

Sent by John (UK)

I like when my friends add VQR to non-VQR mail they send to me... And look at this gorgeous cowstamp!