Slices Burger

From Mohd (Oman)

I have never seen VQR cheese in slices.

It says made in Australia by a French entreprise. And it was eaten in Oman, and then sent to Morocco... (and I am not even from Morocco!).

Nevető tehén

From Micu (Hungary)

With this VQR I learnt a new name for her: Nevető tehén.

It arrived inside a decorated makelaughing envelope:

More "Blue Greece"!

More "Blue Greece" Cheese Πλούσιο σε ασβέστιο (='Rich in calcium')!

From Katerina (Greece)

And more blue Greece inside the box:

VQR in Hamburg

Courtesy of Erni Bär.

It is located in the corner Budapester Straße / Thadenstraße (Budapest Street / Thaden Street).

The Laughing Horse

Received from Uli (Germany)

Sorry for the blurry picture. The postcard show the evolution of VQR since 1921 till nowadays (I would like to have the old ones!). Did you realise a sligh difference in the last box?

This is what the sender wrote on the back of the postcard. It makes me think...
Foods advertised as containing beef were found to contain undeclared horse meat, as much as 100% of the meat content in some cases, and other undeclared meats, such as pork. The issue came to light on 15 January 2013, when it was reported that horse DNA had been discovered in frozen beefburgers sold in several European supermarkets. Maybe in this year too, some dairies adulterated the cow's milk with mare's milk. Who knows...

From Oman

From Mohd (Oman)

"Blue Greece" Cheese

From Katerina (Greece)

It arrived wrapped in Greek blue tissue paper:

And it was blue Greece inside!

Cowboy culture

I received yesterday this postcard from Canada, through the Postcrossing site. "Cowboy culture" is written on the back. Hmm... Nothing to do with VQR Postal Project, or is this a sign?

Creamy Swiss from the USA

Sent by Raphael'L (the USA)

VQR that arrived inside this amazing (un peu sponsorisé) envelope:


This is a obviously a British cow, very reserved... so she only smiles!

Tenery from Hungary

Sent by Micu (Hungary)

I love these round boxes of cheese even if there is not the VQR on them. In fact, the first one of these postcards I sent belonged to a different brand (I will post it later). It is amazing to check that ALWAYS appears a cow on the box!

This cow arrived glued to this nice envelope (which contained also this):

Mini Babybel

Sent by Micu (Hungary)

Have you realised that the VQR also appears in the Mini Babybel cheese? This brand belongs to the same corporation. But the VQR doesn't appear always on Babybel packs (?!). 

Advert inside the box

Sent by John (the UK)

This advertisement appeared inside this box.

The back of the postcard is very nice, so I must show it here

The Laughing Cow

Sent by John (the UK)

This is the first VQR I received with the name in other language! It is the light version, and it contained no wedges, no portions, but triangles.

As usual John managed to find the perfect stamp for every postcard (I don't mean the ones with the queen):

Mix VQR from the Netherlands

Sent by Heleen (the Netherlands)

With this one I learned that there are mix packets of VQR wedges, with four different tastes! I had never seen them before. And I like the colours. And that in Dutch she is De lachende koe, but it seems that people know her with her French name. I wonder if it is the same in the rest of countries.

Did you realise that on the first VQR postcard from the Netherlands it was write 8 puntjes, and in this one 8 portions? Well, I suppose you didn't because I am the only one who looks so attentively to the VQR packets...

Some VQR sent from Morocco

To Eric in France.
He runs a mail art project about cows (among others)

To Heleen in the Netherlands

Also to Heleen in the Netherlands

To Laura in the UK