English Cow in Morocco

I have received this from John (the UK) some time ago, but I have never seen that they sell this flavour in Morocco. What amazes me the most is the name in English (and only in English).

They have added a label in Arabic on the back. I guess it is compulsory if you want to sell this here.

Moroccan Barbecue

This is a new flavour in Morocco. And this is also the first time that I see the Arabic name written first (and with bigger letters) than the French name.

If you have a look at the gallery, you can see that usually it is (was) the opposite. Also in the Omani boxes. I wonder how it is in the rest of Arabic countries...


On the back of yesterday's envelope sent by Phillip (the USA), there was also a nice drawing:

Do you remember it? Yes, it was one of Heleen's drawings! She was inspired by her daughter's old notebook, and then she inspired another artist...I love that. And, of course, I don't agree with Phillip's words: the cow is nice and made me laugh (that is the purpose of laughing cows, isn't it?).



Creamy Spicy Pepper Jack

Send by Phillip (the USA). I am glad to add a new flavour to the list!

On the back, a funny letter written in round:

In the same envelope, and interesting folded card celebrating the Year of the Ox (2009):

And still more...