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La vache qui ritThe Laughing Cow, De lachende koe, Nevető tehén, Die lachende Kuhالبقرة الضاحكةDen Skrattande KonDen Leende KoΗ Αγελάδα που ΓελάLa vaca que ríeA vaca que riVeselá kráva, Krówka Śmieszka, Văcuța veselă, Весела Корівка, Весёлая Бурёнка, Gülen İnek, 乐芝牛, 笑牛牌, Ilay omby vavy mifaly, ラフィングカウ, La Mucca che ride, Con Bò Cười, Sapi Ceria... Do you know her?

I like sending and getting postcards made of these little boxes of spreadable wedges of cheese. I have received some VQR but... it is never enough! I know it is not the best cheese in the world (but it is still good). It is just... well, I confess I am in love of this cheerful bright red cow. So I would be utterly happy if you could send one of these to me, as a postcard (better) or in an envelope. I would like collect one or more than one from every country. Difficult? I hope not!

I am also fond of any form of VQR mail art.

And the reward? Ok, you'd have eaten a great cheese sandwich. Isn't it enough? And you could be proud to have been so kind. And I will be grateful forever. And besides this I will send you some snail mail in return, from Morocco or from Spain. A letter, a postcard or a mail art work (as you prefer). All your works will appear on this blog.

Please, consider have a cheese sandwich for tea today! Contact me if you want to help me in this project.

The project is over.

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