Butterflies & Cows

I really, really wonder if there is one single stamps from the Netherlands without cows...

Milbona & Tenery

When I saw this cow, I recognised it was the same cow from other brand: Tenery, that I had previously got from the Netherlands, from Portugal and from Hungary. But the brand here was a new (for me) one: Milbona.

However, on the back of the box, you can read: "30% less fat if you compare with other Tenery melt cheese" (?).

Lilac Or Purple Cow

Lilac or Purple Cow drawn by Heleen (the Netherlands) on the back of a packet of biscuits. I have always thought that this cow and the Laughing Cow could be good friends...

Smiling Goat

Sent by Heleen (the Netherlands).

Shall I start my Laughing Goat project?

VQR in Casablanca

Great VQR mural spotted in Casablanca. And it is illuminated at night!

La Vache Qui Schtroumfp!

Received from Heleen (the Netherlands). How else could have the idea of drawing this on a tetra brick of organic milk?!?

Can You Keep a Secret?

Sent by Gian Luca and Raffaella
During the maturing process, Appenzeller® is regularly treated with a secret herbal brine. Only two people in the the entire world know the recipe.


Parce que la Vache qui rit aussi a des dents...


Envelope made of a page of a magazine made by Christophe (France). How can he fold a page in such a clever way?


The yellow stamp, I do not why, is one of my favourites of all times. So cheerful!

Milk Barcode

Milk barcode sent by Heleen (the Netherlands). And not the first I have received for this project!

By the way, this one arrived without stamp, and inside a plastic bag. See here.

Suus' Mail Art

VQR mail art sent by Suus in Mokum (the Netherlands). Previously published in her blog.

It arrived inside a transparent plastic pocket, as you can see. With the cowstamp on the outside. Clever!

Vache rigolote

Sent by Thérèse (France). She has a mail art call about cows, too (among others; see her blog).

Another little cow on the back!