Het melkmeisje

Sent by Laura (the UK)

In fact, this isn't a cowpostcard but a milkpostcard. But I haven't opened this category yet in the blog, sorry.

The postcard was sent from the UK, though bought in the Rijksmuseum, in Amsterdam. There you can admire this masterpiece by Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer, called Het melkmeisje (='The Milkmaid'). My friend chose this postcard  for me (among thousands, I guess), due to what she called "my dairy products obsession". OMG.


Sent by Raphael'L (the USA)

I still wonder how the sender could amazingly match this handmade envelope with the postcard inside... It made my day!

VQR bike

Sent by John (the UK)

Can you imagine a cover with more VQR? It seems that John has caught something like the Mad Cow Disease (or the Laughing Cow Disease, to be exact). Now he can't send a single envelope without cows...

Oh, wait: there is one more cow in the back!

Letter from Portugal

Sent by Ângela (Portugal)

It is impossible not to like this colourful letter!