I just love this smiling cow. I guess that the real cows smile more than they laugh but... What do we know about the life of real cows?

Cowstamps from the Netherlands

Some of the VQR that Heleen sent arrived inside this envelope. I am neither an expert in cows nor in stamps. So I was amazed to realise how many different cowstamps they have in the Netherlands!

And I had received these yet!

First results!

I started this project just five months ago. Maybe it is too soon... but I am proud to be able to offer you the first results in tangible figures. 

This chart arrived by snail mail, and of course I trust it 100% (why not?). I am just wondering why I am not receiving my royalties...

Sent by Heleen (the Netherlands)

Are you a happy cow?

Sent by Heleen (the Netherlands)

This cow is not from a cheese package, but from a square package of halfvolle ('semi-skimmed') milk. She arrived from the Netherlands, but the sender wrote that she cannot be a Dutch cow. Because all Dutch cows have to wear a yellow label with ID number is both ears. And most of them do not live in the meadow any more, but inside the farm. So maybe the publicity is right...

She arrived in my mail box inside this handmade cowcover: