End of VQR Postal Project

This blog has been active for two and half years. I have received mail art from 39 42 45 artists/penpals/friends and from 17 different countries. I am very grateful to everyone and I think I have answered every contribution except this one, because I still do not know the sender's address. Let me know if I owe you a letter!

The first aim of the project was to receive this. But sometimes the projects grow alone and I have got all kind of cows and cheese you can imagine: pictures, magnets, stamps, postcards, drawings, purses, dolls, paper dolls, collages, press cuttings, mail art, DIY cows, brochures, labels, stickers, tape, boxes... along these two years.

Now, as I have announced, I am closing this project. Not that I do not like cows any more. Let's say that I have got enough cows for the rest of my life. And I want to move on. Actually I have another postcard project... (I must say I will be happy to receive anything related to the vintage VQR or new round covers of cheese boxes).

So thanks again. I hope you have enjoyed the project as much as me!

PS The postcard shown was sent by Heleen (the Netherlands). Actually, it was sent for my birthday 
(with cows also on the wrapping paper). And I had received the matched cowstamp on another cover.

Cows Are Pretty

Send by Phillip (the USA). This is a famous work by Andy WarholCow (1966). Inexplicably, I had not received it yet...

In Glanstonsbury

Sent by John (the UK)

As early morning mist rises above Glastonbury Tor cattle stand and stare, says the back of the postcard. I would write they are thinking.

VQR 4 Seasons

You can travel trough the four seasons of the year just eating The Laughing Cow cheese...

Sent to Heleen (the Netherlands), FinnBadger (the USA) and Keith (idem), in order to thank their contributions to the project.

Mail Me a Big Cow!

Big eraser in the shape of a cow mailed naked by Heleen (the Netherlands).

English Cow in Morocco

I have received this from John (the UK) some time ago, but I have never seen that they sell this flavour in Morocco. What amazes me the most is the name in English (and only in English).

They have added a label in Arabic on the back. I guess it is compulsory if you want to sell this here.

Moroccan Barbecue

This is a new flavour in Morocco. And this is also the first time that I see the Arabic name written first (and with bigger letters) than the French name.

If you have a look at the gallery, you can see that usually it is (was) the opposite. Also in the Omani boxes. I wonder how it is in the rest of Arabic countries...


On the back of yesterday's envelope sent by Phillip (the USA), there was also a nice drawing:

Do you remember it? Yes, it was one of Heleen's drawings! She was inspired by her daughter's old notebook, and then she inspired another artist...I love that. And, of course, I don't agree with Phillip's words: the cow is nice and made me laugh (that is the purpose of laughing cows, isn't it?).



Creamy Spicy Pepper Jack

Send by Phillip (the USA). I am glad to add a new flavour to the list!

On the back, a funny letter written in round:

In the same envelope, and interesting folded card celebrating the Year of the Ox (2009):

And still more...

More cow packaging

More cow packaging sent (draw) by Heleen (the Netherlands). Cows are everywhere!

Just for Sending

Heleen (the Netherlands) made me laugh when she wrote that she has bought these hamburgers just for the packaging. I hope that she ate the hamburgers anyway!

The Angus cattle, and also the picture, are quite scaring. And I am not the only who thinks that...

Oh, and have you noticed the cheese stamp?