Milk + stamps

Sent by Heleen (the Netherlands)
Bilingual (Dutch/Spanish) milk packaging sent as a postcard. The cowstamp is just perfect! I wonder if the designers were thinking in mail artists when then drew it...

By the way, it arrived with a real cowstamp (one of my recent favourites):


From Heleen

This is a cowpostcard and a cowstamp, at the same time. Because it shows a stamp issued in the Netherlands in 1980.

You can see three kinds of cows in the picture: Blaarkop (black with the white head), Roodbont (with red spots) and Zwartbont (in the front). I am learning a lot about cows...

The Milk Carton Kids

Do you know The Milk Carton Kids band? I assure you I was attracted first by their music, then by the name.

And it was impossible not to made a CD cover like these for a friend*:

*The first two albums, Prologue and Retrospect, downloaded from the official site.