Sent by Heleen (the Netherlands)

This postcard made me laugh when I read the back. Heleen explained that the cheese must be from the city of Gouda, as well as the buildings in the back. But the costumes of three people holding the wheels of cheese are form the city of Volendam. The two cities belong to different provinces, And besides this, the costumes are typical of fishermen, not of farmers!

I guess as I would have been misled as a tourist. Because I would have probably bought this colourful and bright postcard...

Two collages

Two collages sent by Micu (Hungary). I find them really cheerful, don't you? As you can see, she reused different materials even, in the base of the second postcard... the tube of toilet paper!

The collages arrived inside a handmade envelope made of Grada Padano cheese packaging (eco-friendly mail!), but without stamps. They disappeared in way. Maybe due to the smooth surface of the envelope?

Extra Light

Sent by John (the UK)

I am glad to add another variety to my collection. I have never seen this before. It seems that the number of calories is decreasing and decreasing...

What are you doing here?

I have received some unexpected pieces for this project lately. Heleen (the Nethelands) sent two boxes of new (for me) variety: the mini cubes. I have received so far the apéricubes (from France) and the party cubes (from Canada). These differences in the names and in the flavours are amazing.

The boxes were filled with little surprises:

But no trace of cheese. Guess why?

Oh, you can say sorry one thousand times, but I still think you are a couple of naughty devils!

What an envelope!

How many cows can you count on this non-birthday packet sent by John (the UK)? I wonder how it arrived with all the stickers in their place.

Oh, and wait: you have not seen the back yet!

I enjoyed some details:

For adult cows only

I must say I was really impressed when I received this collage from Christophe (France). How many VQR!! And did you see the cowstamp from Switzerland?

The collage was made on a poster, then folded. Look at the back... another VQR silhouette:

When I unfolded it to read the letter... Well, this one, I confess, was a complete surprise that made me laugh:

Where do you park your cow?

Friesian cow tethered to a parking meter,
1964-1974, John Gay.

Postcard sent by John (the UK). We both wonder if the dairy man put money in the meter. John wrote that the cow would have got a good laugh if the owner got a ticket for illegal parking...

Hereford Bull

Received from John (the UK)

Cowpostcard (I mean, bullpostcard) sent by John. It shows the Hereford Bull and reproduces a stamp designed by Barry Driscoll ARCA, and issued by the Post Office in March 1984. The stamp, along with others from the same series, is stuck on the back.

I can't help to show it, because is very artistic and cowfriendly:

You Make Me Smile!

Sent by John (the UK)

I like the sticker. I guess Pony Brown has just bought some boxes of cheese...

Cowstamp + Little Cow + Some Cheese

New wonderful cowstamp sent by Heleen from the Netherlands. It was stuck on this stunning postcard which shows the most important Dutch stuff. Among it, of course, cows and cheese!

Cows' Health is Important

Superbe cowstamp sent by Ângela! I really like stamps from Portugal. They look very modern.

Stampfree VQR

Big envelope sent by John (the UK)

It seems that the sender put the stamps and they were postmarked... and then lost in way (?). The back:

Rice paddy art + cheese market

From Heleen (the Netherlands)
The postcard shows the landscape of Fukushima (Japan). It was bought in a Japan Festival in the Netherlands, and arrived with an interesting stamp with a picture of a mini-cheese market:

Weet je, weet je wat...?

From Heleen (the Netherlands)
 It's an illustration by Loes Botman for the book Weet je, weet je wat... de dieren zeggen? (='You know, you know... What the animals say?', Google Translate dixit).

La vache sérieuse

Sent by Rapahel'L (France)

I jumped with joy when I discovered this label, found in a jumble sale.
The Laughing Cow has inspired a lot of images and names of spreadable cheese brands. But this is the first time I receive such a vintage counterfeit.

The Serious Cow or The Laughing Cow? Which one do you prefer?

Less light

From Keith (the USA)
Again I cannot understand: 
a) The subtle differences between light and less fat (yes, 10 calories, but...). So is there a light cheese less light?
b) Why they add mozzarella to cheese wedges? Is not mozarella a cheese itself?!?

The sender included some labels:

Vous trouvez ça drôle?

Sent by Christophe (France)
This is an amazing big postcard. You can build your own cow with it! The only problem is that you would destroy the other side, which is equally original:

Vous trouvez ça drôle?
'Do you think this is funny?'
And with all these cowstamps from France and the Netherlands, and the cheesestamp... It would be a pity!

Cheese postcards

(Don't look at this post if you are hungry)

Emily doesn't eat the VQR cheese. But it happened that she attended  the Bath Cheese Festival last year and, besides eating a lot of cheese, find these nice postcards...

Well, not exactly a cow...