VQR truck & old VQR

Sent by John (the UK)

Collage made by John. He added in the back the picture of the old boxes. The cow was slightly different, the portions were just 6 in each box (so bigger!) and what I love is specially the slogan: Bel et Bon (='Beautiful and good', but Bel is also the name of the brand).

Ah, and don't forget to look at these cowstamps!


  1. That's a happy collage!

    And wow, this old package, that is special! I've never seen that picture before, and I think it is a welcome and unique addition to your collection!

    Also I love the cowstamps, especially the upper one. In my country we hardly (= never) see cows nursing their calves, because for the sake of Dutch milk industry the calves are taken away from their mothers very soon. I hope this picture will be reality for the Dutch cows in near future, too...

    1. I'd like to have a "real" old package. Maybe I'll find it one day in a second-hand shop (or fifth-hand shop...).

      I guess it's the same for cows everywhere in the world, sadly :(