Sent by Eric (France)

The French version of the Party Cubes, I guess...


  1. That's funny, while the round 'naturel' LVQR seems to be rather equal in various places, each country has its different lay out and different taste concerning cubes :-)
    I've never seen 'blue', I guess it's blue cheese.
    Here in NL I've seen the combination-pack of cubes containing tomato, jambon and green pepper (which is rather unusual for a country which hasn't invented hot spices :-)
    I'd love to try blue cheese LVQR, so it'll be on my wishlist once I go to France :-)

    1. But it isn't so equal. For instance, the weight of triangles varies from country to country (?!?). I also guess "bleu" is blue cheese, as French people isn't able to live for long time without blue cheese ;)
      I need to search for cubes in Spain, I've never seen them, nor in Morocco.