Moon-shaped Horns

Cowpostcard drawn and sent by Heleen (the Netherlands). She copied the design from an old notebook of her daughter's. I think it is very difficult to copy a child design! Anyway, I like the moon-shaped horns, don't you?

Also quite difficult to draw the same stamp twice (on the envelope and on the back of the postcard).

And don't miss the other cowstamp:

Evanescent Cow

Sent by Micu (Hungary).

I think this is the most ephemeral art I have ever received. This is painted with chalk on a toilet paper cardboard (I guess). The chalk was still visible when it arrived but I am not sure that it will remain long time. It says nevető tehén ('laughing cow' in Hungarian).

Sincerely a Cow

Envelope given by FinnBadger (the USA) and send back to Kate (the USA). I have always wanted to write a postcard in round!