More cow packaging

More cow packaging sent (draw) by Heleen (the Netherlands). Cows are everywhere!

Just for Sending

Heleen (the Netherlands) made me laugh when she wrote that she has bought these hamburgers just for the packaging. I hope that she ate the hamburgers anyway!

The Angus cattle, and also the picture, are quite scaring. And I am not the only who thinks that...

Oh, and have you noticed the cheese stamp?

More Cheez Dippers

Sent by Heleen (the Netherlands)
I like this modern version of the Laughing Cow and her friends. But I must confess that I have never tasted the Cheez Dippers variety.

Have I shown this cowstamp before?

Rire, ça donne des ailes!

Sent by Christophe (France)
I am fascinated by Christophe's collages and the way he is able to fold paper.  One day I must try to made an envelope from a magazine this way...

Dutch & Light

Send by Heleen (the Netherlands)

A letter was written inside:

And some cowstamps on the envelope: