Hereford Bull

Received from John (the UK)

Cowpostcard (I mean, bullpostcard) sent by John. It shows the Hereford Bull and reproduces a stamp designed by Barry Driscoll ARCA, and issued by the Post Office in March 1984. The stamp, along with others from the same series, is stuck on the back.

I can't help to show it, because is very artistic and cowfriendly:


  1. Beautiful stamps, and a great drawing of a (non-laughing) cow by John. Love all of it!

  2. Top marks to the Chester (UK) Post Office sorting office. I ask them not to put postcards through the machinery because it tends to damage the front picture. I see that they have obliged and hand stamped this card - well done them.

    1. Your postcards arrive usually with perfect postmarks :D