Sent by Heleen (the Netherlands)

This postcard made me laugh when I read the back. Heleen explained that the cheese must be from the city of Gouda, as well as the buildings in the back. But the costumes of three people holding the wheels of cheese are form the city of Volendam. The two cities belong to different provinces, And besides this, the costumes are typical of fishermen, not of farmers!

I guess as I would have been misled as a tourist. Because I would have probably bought this colourful and bright postcard...


  1. How amusing. The nearest thing I have seen to that is a Scottish bagpipe player photoshopped onto three different backgrounds. (But they forgot to do anything about his shadow - was it Peter Pan who didn't have a shadow?)

    1. Sometimes touristy postcards are really funny. In my village they sell pictures of almost all the Mediterranean villages (with the wrong name, of course)!