Shy Laughing Cow

Sent by Heleen (the Netherlands)


  1. Thanks for posting! Hope you'll like those cowstamps, too. The one on the right shows some cows far away in a meadow, the one left to this is from a serie about inventions. It shows the milk robot ('automatic milking system', AMS), invented to get the cow's milk easier and faster. I cannot see if the drawn cow is laughing, too, but I am told that dairy cows are happy when they are released from the many kilos milk in their udder. And by this AMS (also called 'voluntary milking system', they have the opportunity to decide her own milking time (as long as there are no other cows standing in the way), which is good for the cow, too.
    (However I think it sad for them that they have been breeded to produce so much milk.)

    1. Oh, thanks. I wasn't sure about the machine. I'll publish in a separate post about it!

      I love your statistics about the project :)

  2. Thank you!

    Regarding the 'milk robot': I found a nice sketch for this stamp, see somewhere in the middle of