Azorean happy cows

Do you think these cows are happy? They live in the Azores Islands. I took the pictures in São Jorge, Faial and Pico (I can't remember which one is from each island, sorry). I visited five of the nine Azores Islands last month, and I saw A LOT of cows. I even read that in Corvo Island, which I did not visit, there are 430 people and 3000 cows.

The truth is that the Azorean cows do not laugh a lot, at least when I was present. But of course: you do not need to laugh in order to show that you are happy.

And when I bought a brick of milk, that was written on:

Este é o leite de vacas felizes:
alimentam-se do fresco pasto açoriano
e respiram o ar puro da ilha,ao ritmo da natureza.
Todas as vacas querem viver aqui!

That means, more or less: 'This is the milk of happy cows. They live on fresh Azorean pastures and breath the fresh air of the island. to the rhythm of the nature. All the cows want to live here!'. Is this just publicity? I did not dare to speak to any of them so... who knows?

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