Nesting Cows

Big cowenvelope send by Phillip (the USA). It was made with a cover (I think) of the Hoard's Dairyman: The National Dairy Farm Magazine. The issue contains, at least, an interesting article:

Have you noticed the cowstamps?

But the envelope contained a second one. See it unfolded:

And even a third one!

Inside I found a withe cowpostcard (front and back, or back and front):

And a note. Yes, the right word is... amazing!!


  1. I was very pleased to see this arrived! Sometimes glossy magazine paper does not make for the best envelopes in terms of sturdiness.

    I hope you will find a use for the inside envelope, although of course you can keep it for yourself, too.

    1. I like to keep my mail fro myself. But when I receive "blank" envelopes or postcards I usually reuse them. Even if it's difficult to part with!
      Indeed, I have the perfect recipient for your envelope... :D

    2. Did you ever send the envelope? Was the recipient happy?

    3. You can see it here:

      I never got any answer :(

    4. Ah, thanks, somehow I missed that post - and so sorry there was no response, but I suppose that is how mail art goes sometimes.