Sent by Micu (Hungary)

Some facts about this handmade postcard make me love it:
  • The addition of the little piece of fabric that makes it original and realistic.
  • The portions are incredibly big: 33g!
  • It is a new brand (for me, of course). I don't know how this word is pronounced in Hungarian, but in my language maco means 'beautiful'. And the bear looks very elegant, don't you agree?
  • By the way... Why in Hungary they like so much bears appearing in cheese boxes?
  • The illustration uses the recursion as well as the VQR illustrations do. Mise en abyme or recursion or Droste effect is an artistic technique in which a image contains a smaller copy of itself, in a sequence appearing to recur infinitely. In theory, of course. Practically it continues only as long as the resolution of the picture allows. But we can imagine bear-waiters forever...


  1. Mise en abyme or recursion or Droste effect - I never knew what it was called. One is always learning from blogs.

    1. This is the aim :D
      This is one thing I love about the VQR designs. It seems like magic...

  2. I don't know why hungarians have an obsession with bears when it comes to cheese:))

    1. It remains a mystery! But I must say I love this nice Hungarian bears... :D