Dutch cowstamps are neverending!

Cowstamps sent by Heleen (the Netherlands):

In this stamp (apparently not a cowstamp) you can see some cows far away in the meadow. At this point I wonder if there is a single stamp without cows in the Netherlands...

This belongs to a series about inventions. It shows the Melkrobot (Automatic Milking System or AMS), invented to get the cow's milk in an easier and faster ways. It is also called Voluntary Milking System; that means that the cows can decide her own milking time (!!). More information about this stamp (with a nice scketch).

Did you realise some European countries on the skin of the cow in the right? How amazing! And the stamp in the left is a Schotse hooglander, a kind of fee cow who control the vegetation by eating the unwanted green.


  1. I'm happy to see they've arrived well. Thank you for posting!

    1. Don't worry, the cows never get lost. They are so clever...!