These letters appear sometimes in the back of the cheese labels. When that happen, you find a card with questions inside the box. So, this is the game: you must answer the question with a word beginning with the letter you have got in your portion. And I guess that if you fail, you feel like eating another triangle...

The name of the game in French is Vacha'lauréat, a word game with the words vache ('cow') and baccalauréat that means: 'categories (game)' and also 'baccalaureate'. But in Belgium they use another name for the game: La course aux meuhs.

I have found/received so far cards in different languages and shapes. It is amazing to check the differences!

In Dutch: Koeien ('cows') Letters

In French (Belgium): La course aux Meuhs

In French (France): Vacha'lauréat

In German (Switzerland): Achtung, Fertig, Kuh!

In Portuguese: Viraletras

In Spanish: Vacaletras

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