La bonne vache

From Heleen (the Netherlands)

I do not doubt she is a good (bonne) cow. But, alas: she does not laugh. She even does not smile like that beautiful cow...

As the sender noticed, this box seems a dictionary, because it informs about the content in anything but eight languages: portions, porzioni, portioner, triangles, porties, porciones, porções and portionen!

And how people manage to find the perfect stamps? Look at these terrific (not laughing though) Dutch cows:


  1. You are certainly getting quite a collection of boxes but I hope you get more laughing cows! I'm looking.

    1. Yes, it's really funny. I'm happy with the idea, people is sending really nice things. I'm also getting fun sending the "thank yous".

      By the way, have you received the postcards I sent you?