In the postman I trust

Sent to حامد (the Netherlands)

This is the very first postcard of this kind I sent, from Spain. It is (or was) the most famous brand of triangles of cheese in Spain some years ago. In fact, I do not remember I ate VQR triangles when I was a child, but these. And in Spain still the word used for 'triangles of cheese' is the name of the brand: caseríos. Even though the standard name is quesitos ('little pieces of cheese').

The name El caserío refers to the house you can see in the picture. This house exists in Menorca island and it was the first factory. I am not sure if it is still workings nowadays.

The slogan of the brand is also still extremely well-known (I mean, among the people from... certain age). De El Caserío me fío means 'I trust in El Caserío'. I sent this postcard to حامد with this title: In the postman I trust (of course it arrived).

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