French onion

Sent by Alicia and her kids (the USA)

New flavour for the VQR project!

I like a lot this piece of art because of the bright colours. VQR labels are ideal to make flowers, aren't they?

TAP'S Circus

This was the promotion during this summer: with every box of VQR cheese they offer you TAP's. As you can see, the word TAP'S is not translated into Arabic. I am not able to translate it into my language neither.

Anyway, I love the idea of associate VQR with circus. Here you can see my first three TAP'S, front and back. How beautiful and modern she looks here! I'll use them for mail art.

And there are twelve different, as you can see in the back of the box:


Sent by Karin (Sweden)

I'm really happy to add a new country to the collection, and a new name: Den Skrattande Kon.

If I was amazed by that bilingual box... This is trilingual! Swedish, Danish and the original name in French. How many names are they able to write in a VQR box?

Not so difficult...

Sent by Heleen (the Netherlands)

Can you eat the triangles without opening the box? Apparently it is impossible, but there are people prepared to everything in order to keep the box untouched!

Sent back to Oman

Mohd not only sent me a buch of VQR (and other brands' cheese boxes). He also sent me some mail art for me sending back to Oman, from Morocco and/or Spain. Is this a mail art collaboration? (In fact, he did all the work; I only put the stamps)

Cheez Dippers

Maybe is not such a bad idea to sell rectangular boxes... I love the VQR as usual (and her friends!). But honestly I prefer the round boxes!


Rectangular boxes

Rectangular boxes? Square portions? What a silly idea! At least, they drew a happy cow on the box...

Moroccan children

How different look these Moroccan children from Omani children. Even the colour! I wonder why.


Sent by Heleen (the Netherlands)

I am really happy to add a new country (and a new name!) to the list. This VQR was sent from the Netherlands, but bought in Denmark. And eaten in...?

The Dutch Woman

Sent to Heleen (the Netherlands)

I had to sent these boxes to Heleen because "La Hollandaise/الهولندية" means 'the Dutch woman'. So her!

By the way: have you realised that there is not the typical happy cow on these boxes? In the first box, we can see four cows, but we cannot claim that they are happy. And in the second one... there is no cow at all! What a waste of cardboard... 


VQR is everywhere!

This is one of the reasons which inspired me to start this project. In Morocco, or at least in this city, VQR is everywhere.

'The joy brings us together'
(On the wall of a hotel; BIG ad).

In every important street

Hmm... Ok, this is my desk.