Sent by Heleen (the Netherlands)

This postcard made me laugh when I read the back. Heleen explained that the cheese must be from the city of Gouda, as well as the buildings in the back. But the costumes of three people holding the wheels of cheese are form the city of Volendam. The two cities belong to different provinces, And besides this, the costumes are typical of fishermen, not of farmers!

I guess as I would have been misled as a tourist. Because I would have probably bought this colourful and bright postcard...

Two collages

Two collages sent by Micu (Hungary). I find them really cheerful, don't you? As you can see, she reused different materials even, in the base of the second postcard... the tube of toilet paper!

The collages arrived inside a handmade envelope made of Grada Padano cheese packaging (eco-friendly mail!), but without stamps. They disappeared in way. Maybe due to the smooth surface of the envelope?