Extra Light

Sent by John (the UK)

I am glad to add another variety to my collection. I have never seen this before. It seems that the number of calories is decreasing and decreasing...

What are you doing here?

I have received some unexpected pieces for this project lately. Heleen (the Nethelands) sent two boxes of new (for me) variety: the mini cubes. I have received so far the apéricubes (from France) and the party cubes (from Canada). These differences in the names and in the flavours are amazing.

The boxes were filled with little surprises:

But no trace of cheese. Guess why?

Oh, you can say sorry one thousand times, but I still think you are a couple of naughty devils!

What an envelope!

How many cows can you count on this non-birthday packet sent by John (the UK)? I wonder how it arrived with all the stickers in their place.

Oh, and wait: you have not seen the back yet!

I enjoyed some details:

For adult cows only

I must say I was really impressed when I received this collage from Christophe (France). How many VQR!! And did you see the cowstamp from Switzerland?

The collage was made on a poster, then folded. Look at the back... another VQR silhouette:

When I unfolded it to read the letter... Well, this one, I confess, was a complete surprise that made me laugh:

Where do you park your cow?

Friesian cow tethered to a parking meter,
1964-1974, John Gay.

Postcard sent by John (the UK). We both wonder if the dairy man put money in the meter. John wrote that the cow would have got a good laugh if the owner got a ticket for illegal parking...