Selling Cheese

Sent by Heleen (the Netherlands)

Kaasverkoop Luchthaven Schiphol · Selling Cheese on Schiphol Airport, by Hans Venhuizen (2005)


Sent by Heleen (the Netherkands)

I have never seen this brand, with such variety of favours! On the back Heleen stuck the labels of all the triangles. I guess she ate them... not without certain consequences.

More stats

Every time I receive a new contribution to the project, I try to encourage the contributors to send more. I mean, I am happy every time someone new participates, but I also happy when people repeat because they like the project.

As you can see in the right column (Thanks to...) there are some friends who have collaborated a lot of times. I am glad they took the project so seriously but... Please, think a little in the consequences over your health and weight!

Sent by Heleen (the Netherlands)

(Or maybe the project is just a excuse to eat more cheese?!?).

Party Cubes

Sent by Lilli (Canada)

I have never seen this cubes before. It seems that triangles are starting to become out of fashion...

Drôle de vache

Drôle de vache! Elle ne rit pas
Sent to Michel (France)