La vache qui crie

I have read somewhere that the VQR is the most pirated brand in the world. I don't know if she is really so famous, but it is certain that you can find A LOT of fake VQR or cheese packaging that imitates more or less the original VQR.

Sent by Eric (France)

But she has also inspired artists to perform wonderful artworks like this postcard featuring La vache qui crie ('The crying cow') by Amandine Piu.

Azorean happy cows

Do you think these cows are happy? They live in the Azores Islands. I took the pictures in São Jorge, Faial and Pico (I can't remember which one is from each island, sorry). I visited five of the nine Azores Islands last month, and I saw A LOT of cows. I even read that in Corvo Island, which I did not visit, there are 430 people and 3000 cows.

The truth is that the Azorean cows do not laugh a lot, at least when I was present. But of course: you do not need to laugh in order to show that you are happy.

And when I bought a brick of milk, that was written on:

Este é o leite de vacas felizes:
alimentam-se do fresco pasto açoriano
e respiram o ar puro da ilha,ao ritmo da natureza.
Todas as vacas querem viver aqui!

That means, more or less: 'This is the milk of happy cows. They live on fresh Azorean pastures and breath the fresh air of the island. to the rhythm of the nature. All the cows want to live here!'. Is this just publicity? I did not dare to speak to any of them so... who knows?

Value pack

Sent by Jackie (the USA)

I smiled when I read "new size", because it is quite common here. And also because normal boxes of 8 wedges weight 171g in the USA (170g in other countries. Curious). So this pack should weight 342g, and not just 340g. Who eat 2g from every box?

Smiling Bear

Sent by Micu (Hungary)

Not so bad idea to present a smiling bear instead a laughing cow... (Medve means 'bear', Micu said).

UK Blue cheese

Sent by John (the UK)

The colours of this packet (green & fuchsia) are completely new for me. And so is the cowstamp!

What she's laughing about

Sent by Jackie (the USA)

Some VQR arrived inside an amazingly decorated CD cover. I love this mail, especially the laughing & skating cow on the envelope!

VQR likes travelling

From Mohd (Oman)

Made in Morocco! So exported to Oman, eaten there, and come back to Morocco in a form of mail art (but addressed to Spain). Interesting, isn't it?

More bilingual

Sent by Rosemary (Canada)

It is the first one I receive from a box of 32 portions. I am still amazed by the bilingual matter. Even in the advertising inside the box:

English in one side, French in the other side. But did you realise there is a slight difference in the slogan encouraging to try this new flavour? In English they wrote: "So mild and so smooth!". But in French they wrote: "Rire c'est drôlement bon!" (='Laughter is so good/yummy').

Light Creamy Swiss

Sent by Susan (the USA)

I had received this flavour before, but not in its light version. It seems everything exists in the light version...


From Eric (France)

In my opinion, the VQR is just perfect for Pop Art. So I just love this artwork! As a bonus, it arrived with this wonderful cowstamps:


As I have explained, when I arrived in Morocco I was surprised because the VQR is everywhere. I saw in some shops BIG boxes containing, wow, 88 triangles of cheese!

Soon I succumbed to temptation and bought one of these. Inside there are some smaller boxes (with 16 or 24 triangles each) like the one in the picture. It says: "not to be sold separately". But, of course, it is sold separately. In Morocco you can buy the triangles of cheese even one by one.

Mediterranean flavour

Sent by PJ Matilda (the USA)

Wow, what an elaborate flavour! I am not sure all this things fit in a little cheese wedge!

Big triangles

From Michel (France)

Michel sent the whole box, not just the front part. I was surprised to realise that it had contained 12 triangles, and not 8 or 16 (or multiples of 8) as usual. So the triangles were bigger than usual! How curious. 

La vaca que riu

This is a very special VQR.

I have received VQR from different countries, with at least ten different names. When I started this project, I knew it was impossible to receive a VQR in my native language (Catalan). Because it is spoken for more than 11 millions of people in four states (Andorra, Spain, France and Italy), but unluckily the VQR cheese is not sold with her Catalan name (I wonder why).

Well, I was not counting on artists creating new VQR...  Heleen corrected this anomaly!

From Heleen (the Netherlands)

Of course, when you invent a VQR, you can choose the colour (orange is my favourite), and also draw the ideal stamp. Why not?

Spain & Portugal

Sent by Ana (Portugal)

This one was sent from Portugal, but in fact it is a Spanish box. In Portugal it is sold as A vaca que ri. I am happy, because it is the first one I have received written in Spanish. The back is so beautiful!

I am really sorry. I am afraid I am missing something important but... I do not know which Ana from Portugal sent me this VQR. I cannot say thank you  to her! Please, Ana, give me your address!

A vaca que ri

Another name for the cow!
It was not sent from Portugal, but eaten there. Yum!